You already have a creative practice and wish to deepen your process

Or maybe you don't but something in you feels called to embrace


This is a 'no experience necessary' opportunity to lean into that calling 


You don't need to be an artist, or even 'arty' for that matter. 
And RAW is definitely NOT about drawing straight lines. 
In fact there's no drawing at all.

All you need is curiousity, a sense of play and an open mind. 
RAW will help you dig deep and bear witness to your creative SELF.

During this one day workshop, you can expect to learn how to create: 




I will: 

  • Guide you through some WRITING exercises which facilitate deeper self connection and expression
  • Teach you simple, 'messy play' techniques and introduce you to supplies
  • Show you ways to build a go-to 'stash' of RAW material so you're always ready to dive in
  • Invite you into an understanding of what it means to have a creative practice 
  • Share my own PROCESS of listening and responding, using flow state creativity, imagery and words  
  • Help you meet yourself on pages that represent you and your voice. 

You will: 

  • Gently explore your inner landscape
  • Discover what it means for you to show up for and as yourself 
  • Experience expressing yourself through creative journalling
  • Discover your own truth, wisdom and insight 

We will: 

  • Gather, Eat & Play together
  • Laugh (tears are ok too) 
  • Have fun and share ourselves in the spirit of learning 

How does that sound?

Your investment: €120

That includes: 

  • Full day workshop (10am - 4pm) at your chosen venue
  • Your very own Moleskin Journal
  • All supplies (I will be asking you to bring along some personal imagery) 
  • A free, downloadable pdf of follow up notes
  • Continuing support and inspiration from like-hearted souls in our Closed Facebook Community, Pilgrims On Deck


Payment / Cancellation Policy. Please note:
If you choose to pay a deposit you will be sent an electronic invoice for the remaining balance several weeks before the retreat. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you cancel before 30 days of the start of the event we will refund any amount you have paid, excluding the deposit, minus a €20 processing fee. If you cancel within 30 days of an event, full payment of any and all remaining costs will be due immediately.

All payments are non-transferrable // Spaces are limited to 8 people per class. 



What People are saying about My Teaching:

"This is what I needed. To see myself... see the rawness, the honesty, the beauty. I can feel myself unraveling ... coming undone in the best of ways to shed stories that no longer serve me." 

C.M / Embody / Online Class

"What a beautiful, intimate, warm and welcoming setting you create! Your honesty in drawing me into the experience is such a gift." 

 Joan. G / Embody / Online Class

"Thanks for this great class. Loved how it was constructed and how you spoke about finding the love and feelings inside you. I loved the talk more than the techniques taught and that is not really a bad thing. In this cyber world of today I don't think people take time to express their feelings like they should. I loved it"

Ali G. / Wanderlust / Online Class.

"Great fun. Deep. Lots of food for thought, the benefits of which I'm sure will continue to reveal themselves. I think you are fantastic & generous and so giving of yourself. Amazing weekend with a brilliant artist." 

Marie, Sligo / In person Workshop.

"I Really enjoyed the paint, the process and the introspection. Loved the group and Amanda's honesty. I know now how to work through my emotions in my art. A big thank you for your big heart. You put a lot into this" 

Jackie, Sligo / In person Workshop

"Beyond words! I really loved the learning. This is  really wonderful weekend that nourished my soul beyond what I knew I needed. I cannot recommend this journey enough. You're a wonderful person, with a beautiful soul and I'm honoured to have shared in your world. Thank you so very much Amanda." 

Gina, Galway / In person workshop

"So often in journaling classes it is the same thing over and over and I am pretty sure that many of the participants here have never done anything like this in their journals before. What a great way to stretch. I can see a multitude of ways to incorporate these ideas beyond this class. Thanks for your offering and for taking us to a new place in our journals."                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Kate R. / Wanderlust / Online Class