This Season... Speak Love, Show Love, Be Love

Angel PostHi Guys! Been a while! I'm re-orientating myself to the blog mindset... Kinda lost it for a while there! I have no internet at home, which I've allowed become a convenient excuse... I could still write for god's sake!

Anyway, so I just had an idea.

As Christmas and another years end draws near, I'm so grateful for all the love in my life, I'm grateful that I have little to worry about, that my family are alive and well, that my heart is happy at last.

But every year, I'm conscious of those less fortunate, who for whatever reason will spend Christmas with a heartbreak of some kind. It's an emotional time of year and it's so important to remember the true spirit of Christmas, to be kind and compassionate, amidst the commercial madness. As the saying goes, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle".

I've created this angel post image, especially made for you to share with someone you love, because you may think it goes without saying... but it should never be assumed that the person you love, knows you love them or are thinking of them or holding them in your heart. Let them know.... Tell them WHY you love them. Believe me, someone you know needs to hear they are loved. Better still, show them. This image is just words... but it's a start. It's up to you how you follow up in person.

And, by the way...YOU are loved too <3

Always, Amanda xoxo