Hope, Fear and finding 'Home'

Daisy Jane ~ Hope, Fear

This painting definitely came from my soul. It's evoking all kinds of emotions in me... She's carrying a theme very close to my heart. This scene conveys a sense of hope and also one of fear. 

I've been painting like a... what? Like a person possessed... 

I've been stretching my artistic muscles... watching tutorials online, experimenting with backgrounds and textures. I need to educate myself on colour and composition (I don't even know what that is), but I'm happy so far with how my Daisy Janes are evolving and emerging...

In everyday life I'm noticing subtle shifts happening around me... I feel like this creative practice is opening me up.. I feel more at ease and natural. It's a welcome experience... Like I'm becoming more 'me'.

The story of Pinnochio always resonated with me in relation to how I sometimes experienced myself in life and with others. Like I was this wooden creature, sitting on a shelf and at the mercy of those who pulled my strings...

I would burn with impatient curiosity, a yearning to know what it was like to be real

Last night I had the recurring dream of finding myself in yet another grand house, with many rooms to explore...  though with a slightly different theme than the dreams before, usually these houses are abandoned or undiscovered, but this... this one was lived in. It was a home. 

Always, Amanda <3