Mile High Art - My Journalling Travel Kit

IMG_0295 OK... I have reached a point of no return.

I want... I NEEEEEED to stay close to my beloved journalling practice.

Wherever I go... So must she. (Yes, my practice is a 'she'... don't ask, I don't just is...ok?! OK

I LOVE how mobile art journalling is. There is nowhere it can't be done!

PLUS, flying is ok... but after a couple of hours my arse starts fighting with my back for comfort (sorry, it's the only way I know how to describe it!) and I can't seem to please both... so, a 7 hour flight is, well... just a pain in the... you get it.

What I have found though is that being able to 'get in my zone' during flight, or ANY time I'm experiencing discomfort, physical or emotional... Art Journalling has some magical effect, it always sees me through. Ok... enough gushing... here's the goods.

In the tin pencil case:

Charcoal, Pastels, Eraser and Sharpener. The white 'blob' is candle wax... I had no crayons one day and wanted a resist. I ALWAYS have candles in the house. Problem? Solved.

In the fabric pencil case: 

A Selection of colouring pencils.

Marking Tools: A rubber band... A foam brush... Bubble wrap... sewing and 'grooming' kits (mini nail file = sandpaper), courtesy of the hotel the night before flying. (I am a magpie, everything is fodder... Keep your eyes open) ps... I used the cotton pads, dry to dab/stamp white paint on my pages... loved the effect.

Travel sized hand wipes

Glue stick

Assortment of my fav gel pens (the white one is Sharpie white tip...the best imo. Uniballs are excellent)


I had with me 2 altered passports... Yes... I was travelling with my own and 2 'borrowed' ones belong to 2 different people (I like to live on the edge)

A really  small blank notebook, now journal

An altered book

I have been using each of these as sidekicks... so each journal already had backgrounds...


IMG_0290 IMG_0289








A Watercolour paint and pencil set 

In a second, smaller ziplock bag:

(because it's liquids and you must keep them separately and under 4oz when flying)

Travel size container of water

Titanium white

Hair clip / tie... so you can see what you're doing!


Wax paper

I helped myself to images from the in flight magazine, then I placed it back in the seat pocket....classy.



I hope that was helpful to you if you're travelling soon and want to take your journalling practice with you.

One thing I didn't think of was to bring something to protect the seat tray table...and my clothes, which I both destroyed.

I boarded all sophisticated and deplaned like a hobo...lmao. I love being an artist!

Safe travels!

Always, Amanda xoxoxo