A tattooist named Mark, of all things

So in my dream last night I was getting an arm tattoo, inside forearm. My tattooist's name was Mark (Hello specific dreamer!).

I was chatting so much with 'Mark' (Lol... actually thats funny... a tattooist called 'Mark', just realised that) that he tattooed my hand instead.. I realised too late, he had already started.

We stopped because I was horrified, I didn't want a glove tattoo! so I went wandering to think about it. On my way I met 2 beauticians who gave me their opinions, which were against the hand tattoo. But I was already marked in big black ink and had to decide whether to go ahead with the thing or be stuck with non descript black ink marks on my hand.

I went with the tattoo... a black henna style one on my hand... We moved location to do it, out of the studio and into an open air market. It was on a snowcapped mountain somewhere & I felt really empowered in getting such a 'no no' tattoo in a 'no no' place.

Weird dream... I love the subconscious.

I've been wanting this forearm tattoo a couple of years now... hmmmm