home birds

What does home mean to you?

Love Lives Here I'm a home bird.

I love being in my home, or any home for that matter, but especially my own.

But, what makes a home?

I've had more addresses than I can remember. I've been a renter, a home owner and a landlord. Seven years ago I moved into what was supposed to be a dream house with my ex-husband, but it never became a home. We didn't make it.

Then I met Terry. We're already on our third address as a renting couple.

Yet, for the first time in both our adult lives, we have found and made a home, our home.

So what is a home? Well, to me home is the place where you love and be loved. Having a house isn't what makes it. I had a house, a big beautiful house and I called it the bat cave, because that's what it felt like. There was just no love, no place from which to hang a heart.

Love is what makes home for me and I like to stamp that love all over the place.

Let me paint a picture of what love looks like as you approach our home....

It's the cut of the lawn, the seed in the bird-feeders, the porch light on and the smoke from the chimney.

Inside, It's the photos in frames, the flame on candles, the crackle in the fire, it's the dish in the oven, the pot bubbling on the stove, the fluffed up pillows on the every-day-made-bed, the dog dozing in the hall, the crashed out cat in the closet (or wherever the heat is most).

It's in our slippers, it's in our smiles, it's in our hands, our eyes and our hearts. It's on our plates and in our belly's. It's all around us... it's just there, you can't see it, (but you kinda can) you feel it, you know it's there. That's what home is to me.

I feel so grateful, I love our home.

What does home mean to you? Please leave a comment or email me hello@amandagraceart.com

I'd love to do a follow up post with your responses!


Always, Amanda xoxo