Trading Dread for Gratitude

Something in me changed last year. I can't explain it. For someone practiced in the habit of pushing the boat out, I did something very out of character. Readiness

I'm a bit of a control freak, a fixer... a need to always feel on top of, if not ahead of where I'm at.

As if readiness suddenly arrives, announcing with total confidence that a journey may begin.

It's a well rehearsed worry, based in the belief that I'm not ready, not good enough...yet'.

Then almost a year ago, I kind of threw myself out the door only half dressed. It was a fit of inspiration and I've been running around like a half naked women trying to dress herself in motion ever since. (Might explain the dreams)

So, what I realise now is that the not ready...not enough, has to be part of the journey. You can't wait for that to expire first, before beginning something.

You have to start somewhere. Although it's a hard habit to break, what I also realise is that when inspiration strikes, you get infected by something more powerful than worry. When truly, deeply inspired, the driving seat is reclaimed.

I'll be honest. I'm easily overwhelmed. It doesn't take much to stress me out.

Yesterday, as I traveled between 3 meetings, covering over 300 miles, I absorbed a huge amount of information, support, guidance and assistance. My mind, although stuffed, also (as usual) found room for question and doubt.

I spent my day with 3 people, non of whom question my readiness or ability. Each took time out of their day to help me navigate the next steps on this path, they only see my potential. This has been the case not just yesterday but over the past few months. I have had nothing but believers, encouragers and teachers show up for me!

"Oh my god, what have I done!" I confided in one, who is a friend I've know a long time. "well, you can't give up" was her response. Simple. That was NOT an option.

You know how they say sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees? Well, my friend saw me struggling in the thickets, she grabbed a strimmers and she hacked.

Taking out her phone, she googled something I had been 'unable' to find through my 'I can't' filter, made a call and within minutes, we had a plan.

As I was driving home, my heart still racing, my throat tight and the knotted ball in my belly, I got so sick of myself and this reaction to challenge. Stress and overwhelm... it's exhausting and it does me no favours.

So I had a re-frame. I asked myself "why am I the only one worried about my ability?". "Why am I driving home from a day filled with guidance, inspiration and challenge with a feeling of dread?"

"Why don't I reach for gratitude instead?" And so I did. And suddenly, everything felt better, it all felt right.

I only have where I'm at, now, today. Where I'm headed is dictated entirely by me embracing that. I have to stop worrying about the lack of a woods because there 'aren't enough' trees. There will be, in time but only by planting them, one by one, by one.

One tree at a time... that's my plan.

I want to follow this up with a practice, so that I don't just arrive at it via anxiety anymore. I want to cultivate Gratitude, make it my go-to. I've spent too many years cultivating dread... I'm done.

If you have any suggestions on cultivating gratitude please let me know! I love music and audiobooks, so suggestions are welcome :)


One little promise can change everything...

My Christmas Wish Well hello!!

So this is Christmas... and what have you done? (I love that song)

In april 2014 I made one little promise that is changing the way I see, care for and express myself. It has been so powerful... I wanted to say something about that, to show you that one little promise is all it takes. As another new year approaches, this lesson is what I'm taking with me.

So, I made a short clip, which I'm sharing with you, reflecting on my creative awakening. I hope it inspires you to do something amazing for yourself this new year <3

I've learnt a LOT of really good stuff about growing, moving forward and how progress really is the result of accumulated effort.

My word for this year has got to be PRACTICE.

Coming out of my creative closet has been such a powerful experience for me that has transcended the art. What I've discovered is that it's the doing, the KEEPING ON DOING that moves me. Might be an obvious one, but I never understood this. I used to only ever give myself 'one shot' at getting results that could only ever be achieved by way of a regular and consistent showing up. Wow... things feel so different now that I've gotten that.

I'm excited about 2015 and I'm grateful for the year that's been. I feel so lucky.

I wish you all a beautiful, safe and healthy holiday season. I can't wait to start mine <3

Here's the video,  I hope you enjoy!.

Love Always, Amanda xoxo