Freedom! The weekend is here.

After a very busy week, packed with new experiences, I have felt my wings grow more with each. I haven't posted much, but that's ok... It wasn't for the lack of inspiration, that's for sure. I'll get around to some writing the weekend.

I decided to attempt the butterfly I've been avoiding doing all this time. Well, really what I was avoiding was the fear of getting it wrong! Imagine...

So here she is.. And I enjoyed this practice. This pretty thing is going on a piece I'm working on for a 12 year old artist I've never met & she's working on one for me! On my part, this will be an especially meaningful exchange... I can't wait to pull all the pieces together.

Now I've left my little soul nook for the night and have my feet up by the fire.

Terry will be home shortly and the busy week he put in, will also draw to a close..

Time to re-connect and tend to love ❤️

Have a beautiful weekend!

Always, Amanda