Welcome, kindred spirit

This is great. I'm Writing away, regardless of (as we say on FaceBook) 'likes', just doing and seeking my thing, writing from the heart, the soul and sometimes, the head.

Approaching September, (The other new year) I wrote this post about connection, courage, hope and how everything leaves a mark. I was reflecting on an encounter I had through my counselling work and how such encounters reinforce for me, the majesty of a loving heart. 

Then this guy arrives into my comments and as if to further reinforce, leaves his mark. A few exchanges later, he's sharing the story behind a tattoo, his self determined mark. He is Paul Kevin Taylor and has decided, to my delight, to gravitar-ize himself and join us here in the land of blog. That is a good thing. 

I don't know Paul, except for our exchange on that post, we've never met before. We have a mutual friend in my cousin, who is the bomb, (naturally, she's a Farrell) so he can only be good people! But I think we're made up of the same stuff me and Paul...

we're love mongers, hope warriors, truth seekers and we insist on seeing beauty, regardless of how much ugly threatens to obscure it... always a good day when someone like that walks into your life. 

I'm a 'real' clicker... I like real. I'm not one to go around with hidden agendas, pretending to like something I honestly don't, just so I can get rewarded in some way. This is not always something I take delight in, believe me, I could do with a dose of pretense at times. But I appreciate it in others too, these are the kind of people I'm happy when connecting with.

There's a couple of lovely ladies so far with whom I feel there has been genuine connection / contact. Currently I can claim Abbie, Joel and Eileen and of course most recently, Paul. It's less than a handful, but it's a good start and I'm here for the long haul. It's gonna take me a little longer to get out and about here in cyber world and find my kinda people, but I know them when I see them. Did I mention it's all very time consuming? I have artistic aspirations too.. I'm finding it hard to tend to them all and to stay present in real life.

[Reminder to self: balance. **something inside sniggers**]

We're each complete strangers, but we seem to share some sense of purpose and expressing ourselves is part of that process. Well, I can only speak for myself, but I'm gonna be bold enough to hope my sense of that isn't too far off the ball. 

I'm discovering blogs (and the writers of them) now that resonate with me. I'm finding the writings I want to read... but it takes ages! I'm a little awkward and hesitant about hopping in off the bat and saying ' what you've got going on over here', because I think a lot of people do that and don't mean it, it's more about fishing for follows. I take my time to read and comment if I have something genuine and more than a general statement to contribute. I know by doing that, I'm doing what I do with everything, giving myself extra work...hey, that's what I do! (Lemme just overuse the verb 'to do') But I'd rather have 5 genuine followers...'Follower', sounds so about readers... and a sense of connection than 100 'followers' who never actually read a word or check in to add dialogue. 

I'm really waffling now, so I'll finish up and get back to my day, but what's just come to mind is Olive Hoover, the young girl from Little Miss Sunshine. I want that kind of community, mine is not a perfect pageant... I don't do perfect, there's nothing more dysfunctional than the ideas of perfection. I want connections with balls. People who show up as they really are and who say 'fuck you popularity's my thing'.

I wanna do what Oliva & Paul did ~ Make an entrance

Toodle-oo Sunshine! 

Little Miss Sunshine. Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Always, Amanda xx

A little lost in cyber space

I'm three months blogging now. I think it's time to start making connections. I don't find this easy or natural. I've visited and read some blogs of others and have commented on some. On the big blogs I'm a little more shy for some reason. It's how I am I'm real life too... I'm not a fan of spaces where big crowds gather... I prefer nooks and crannies.

Still, I'm feeling a little alone out here, I'd like a more interactive blogging experience.

How to make connections? Network I suppose, not my strong point. Though, nothing much changes inside the comfort zone.

Always, Amanda xoxo