Development = Learning (+) Vision (x) Resolve. My Formula for Manifestation.

 Development = Learning (+) Vision (x) Resolve. My Formula for Manifestation.

It's intriguing, what you can manifest in your life. When you identify deeply with an idea, a vision.... compulsion takes hold. There's nothing else to it, that's how stuff happens.

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What makes a person get out of bed?

Is it purpose? Some promise that thrusts them ahead?

Lust for life? Usefullness?

Uncomfortable bed?

Maybe it’s hope and love or a wife

Chemistry? Energy? Beautiful life?


Is it a case of not mattering dread

or of not seeking answers

in books by their bed?


Or are they awakened, absent of fear

and shameful existing that threatens to sear

through every thread, that fabrics their being

And today they can trust in themselves to be seen


Just something I was wondering ;)

Always, Amanda xoxo

One little promise can change everything...

My Christmas Wish Well hello!!

So this is Christmas... and what have you done? (I love that song)

In april 2014 I made one little promise that is changing the way I see, care for and express myself. It has been so powerful... I wanted to say something about that, to show you that one little promise is all it takes. As another new year approaches, this lesson is what I'm taking with me.

So, I made a short clip, which I'm sharing with you, reflecting on my creative awakening. I hope it inspires you to do something amazing for yourself this new year <3

I've learnt a LOT of really good stuff about growing, moving forward and how progress really is the result of accumulated effort.

My word for this year has got to be PRACTICE.

Coming out of my creative closet has been such a powerful experience for me that has transcended the art. What I've discovered is that it's the doing, the KEEPING ON DOING that moves me. Might be an obvious one, but I never understood this. I used to only ever give myself 'one shot' at getting results that could only ever be achieved by way of a regular and consistent showing up. Wow... things feel so different now that I've gotten that.

I'm excited about 2015 and I'm grateful for the year that's been. I feel so lucky.

I wish you all a beautiful, safe and healthy holiday season. I can't wait to start mine <3

Here's the video,  I hope you enjoy!.

Love Always, Amanda xoxo