Honesty Is Not Always a Virtue.

Musing on my relationship with honesty. I believe the value of honesty, lies in the purpose to which it serves. 

The purpose of this vlog, is to encourage / stimulate reflection on the various functions of honesty and the degree to which we are aware of and/or take ownership of same. 

I use honesty in service to personal inquiry and connection. It's utility for me is life enriching, it's constructive.

'Honesty' can also be used as licence to diminish. Or a justification for shaming. Sometimes even purely for entertainment purposes. Think talent show / reality TV type judging panels. 

And then there's it's most destructive function. To control, punish, abuse and instil fear. Think Trump. 

So.. I suppose, I'm taking the time to highlight the role of discernment in honesty. 

Here's me talking about how honesty serves my higher purpose of self actualisation, connection and personal sovereignty.