Stick to the white notes..

Diva Oh My God,

What a diva, this one has a neck. She came out competing, wasn't going to settle for being anything other than the best. THE PRESSURE! ..she wanted to impress. Nothing enjoyable ever comes from trying to impress. For example, check out the next wedding party you see. Some wear high heels that are truly impressive, astounding.. there are dresses worn by some that beg the question 'Is that material or body paint?'.... Impressive, at 12noon. But then fast forward to post dinner time... ouch... it's the funny walk parade, pain etched faces and boyfriend crutches.... destination: barefoot and freezing. Wearing heels to me  feels like my feet being encased in barbed wire. I don't care how fabulous they are, or what they do for the outfit... Give me my boots, then I can rock it out all day long! :D

So was that her, the Diva, or me, looking to impress? I'll compromise and say there was a pair of us in it. I put heels on, she dug hers in. Not gonna beat myself up over it... It's going to be a challenge to not let my painting suffer the fear of judgement and perfection. Still, I hope the next one will be more forgiving & not want to kick my ass. I'm still trying to figure out the skin tones.. so far my girls, when assembled look like a Benetton ad. Any tips or pointers would be helpful. I might experiment with oil sticks for the face at some point.

It all 'looked easy' trawling the internet's folk art collection. "I could probably do that" I thought and then I have a go and next thing I know, I'm wolfing my half heated dinner standing up while a splattered canvas sits on the countertop mocking me

it goes something like this... Stuff on Canvas: 'What am I? Seriously, what in the name of jaysis am I supposed to be? Where are you going with this.. c'mon..swallow that, fix this shit'

Next thing I know it's midnight and I'm walking up the stairs carrying my neck under my arm and my dinner still in my throat.. thinking 'My God...why am I doing this?'. I think that's the skill of an artist, whether it be music or poetry or art or anything. Is that the completed work 'sounds/looks/reads easy', then you know you've been delivered art by someone in tune with their craft. Most likely there was hair, teeth, fur and tears shed during the process... the odd existential crisis thrown in between demands from what wanted to be featured and what needed to be left out. I've a lot to learn.

There are two pieces of advice, two separate and very different style musicians passed on to me, the first was about space.. resisting the temptation to overwork something. The next was about resisting the temptation to get fancy and instead to focus on getting good at the basics.  I think these are transferrable to painting too... I'm gonna post them at my desk.

1. 'Music is not just composed of the notes you hear, it's the notes you don't hear that draws you in'

2. 'Stick with the white notes 'til you know what you're doing'

Always, Amanda <3