Irish Cottage

Poem ~ The Wonderings of a Cuckoo, Watching From Afar


I wonder what she's doing

popping in and out

banging lids and puffing

sometimes with a pout


I wonder what she's saying

to her dog who wags his tail

and why sometimes she moves so fast

and sometimes like a snail


I wonder where she goes to

all weighed down with bags

I wonder if she knows too

she sometimes leaves in rags


I wondered if I bothered her

when first I came along

Until I saw her close her eyes

and listen to my song


The cuckoo is my favourite bird call of all... I find it so gentle and soothing and really good company! Plus, it's a real sign of summer. I used to have a cuckoo in a nearby field when I lived in Co Clare and I loved his yearly visits so much, I knew I'd miss him when I moved away.

Since moving to the forest here in Fermanagh last November, I've been wondering if we'd get 'a new cuckoo', lol...  I'm almost sure I heard the call yesterday evening! I hope so <3

Always, Amanda xoxo

Tucked away, in the hills of the Dingle Peninsula

... Our little family now sitting by the fire resting.


We wore ted out in the Atlantic, he entertained us with his water retriever strategy, adapting it from lake to ocean & we laughed at how he negotiated the waves in pursuit of his beloved ball.

10254016_10201893712408634_4707435412176699549_n 10256532_10201893578045275_2505800175179448212_n



And we just stood on the sand, cheering him on, taking it all in, the sight, the smell and the visceral sound of surf, rattling sea pebbles ashore. 

Ah, Life is good!


Ballydavid, Dingle Penninsula, Co Kerry Ireland ~ Easter 2014 

Always, Amanda xx