Inktense Blocks

How to go to bed happy!

I'm going to bed with a smile in my heart... I had a beautiful sun-day.

  • Went to the market and got my favourite things.. Mozerella, salad, cucumber, basil and honey
  • The best coffee ever
  • Met a friend to chat by the river
  • Took Ted for a swim
  • Had a delicious fresh lunch
  • Painted all day to my hearts content 

Getting that sketchbook was a great idea.. I've been practicing in it, picking random objects from the house to experiment with. I can see progress!

Loving my new inktense blocks...



Aaaaand... I have a new Daisy Jane! For my mothers birthday next week so I won't post it now just in case... :) Two gifts for the framers tomorrow!!


Art is the best therapy... I couldn't think of a better way to spend time alone! Goodnight and sweet dreams <3

Always, Amanda xx