Stalking, Rejection & Getting to know me

Hello tiredness...

We stalked the town of Enniskillen, including all streets and surrounds this weekend on a house hunting trip. There's not much for rent when you come with your own furniture and pets! 

There was only one house which held the potential to become our new home, we had a viewing and did our best to persuade our merits as good (and hopeful) tenants. The lady was interviewing on behalf of her daughter, so we were one person removed from the decision maker. I think this will act against us as the decision maker will be making her choice only on boxes ticked... not 'vibes got'.

We didn't tick the pet box... some people really do not like the idea of a dog living in their house. I just don't get that... It assumes that humans are less destructive than animals. Doesn't she know it's the other way around? Anyway...

I so hope we get chosen, I'll be so disappointed if we don't. The location really resonates with me and I felt a strong want to live there. I'm not going to describe it here now... it's beautiful, but I don't want to flirt any more with the idea of living in that house unless I can. I'll only make myself want it more and be more disappointed if we lose out.

It was amazing to see Terry as always... I miss him so much when he's away. Every bit of time we spend together seems to bring with it more and more waves of love and affection. Loving him is my favourite pastime... we had some good belly laughs too this weekend, Irish wit is the best. I met one of his lifelong friends for the first time, good people and we all got on shaaaamazingly well. It would be so great to move there and to know such lovely, real people. I really like the vibe up north.

Remember the art and craft fair I applied for in June? Denied. Got an email today to say my application wasn't accepted... My first rejection, bummer. I'll find another one... I'm still feeling around in the dark here and still identifying my own creative style. I'm telling myself I wasn't ready, it wasn't meant to be. I'm still glad I applied, it took courage. 

Over the weekend I did some reflecting on Daisy Jane... who she is and what she's about. I'm starting to realise her story. It's funny how difficult it is to identify things about your own self... to get to know your self as you can know another. That's where I'm at now... 

Always, Amanda xoxo