Top 5 Self Care Tips + Free Self Care Art Print

Hello Pilgrim, 

So today is Blue Monday, 'The Most Depressing Day of the Year', apparently. Now, I don't know how much merit to give such a claim, but it's a great opportunity for me to share with you, my top tips when it comes to self care. 

Self Care Tips (1).jpg

I also have a special new year *gift for you, Pilgrim. I created this Art Print you can download and print at home. 

'Self Care Tips for Pilgrim Souls'

I've got it printed and framed in A4 size and also in postcard size. You can print it any size you want. Might be handy to put it in your wallet for easy reference. 

Anyway, during my live video below, it appeared my feed had stopped broadcasting, as it had frozen on my end and I had neither viewers or comments.  So, my apologies for the abrupt ending.

Anyway, I was about to wrap it up and got most of what I had to say out. All that was left was:

Tip #5 | Innovation: What I mean by that is that building the habits and routines that make up a practice, takes time. Keep showing up, be patient and kind to yourself. Experiment. Be creative. Measure progress by how you feel. Trust yourself. Make Self Care 'a thing' and then make it 'your thing'. 

I'm planning a really exciting Self Care offering in the very near future. Stay tuned and connected and be sure you plug yourself into the Pilgrims On Deck FB Communityperhaps you have some self care tips to share with us too? 

Here's your video. 

*Self Care Art Print Gift has now expired. 

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Always, Amanda xoxo