A Lesson in Passion

Saturday. 5am start & breakfast on the road. We arrived at cookstown, stalked the circuit & with minutes to go, blagged our way into the 2nd paddock.

First, we sat in a ditch, then leaned on a fence for a while. Moving on, we climbed scaffolding before finally finding our sweet spot.. Which just happened to be by a pub on the roadside. We met some boys from York and enjoyed the stories of their racing trips to Ireland and beyond. They knew Killaloe... Actually, it turned out they knew us... or at least they knew us from serving the bars in Killaloe. We enjoyed a few pints in the sun, soaking up the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the craic.


For me it's a carnival for the senses... my nose learning to detect two stroke oil on a breeze, and inside the crowded bar, subtly savouring the intimate scents of well worn and much loved leathers. The roaring surround sound of revved up engines, pushed to the edge, sensed not only through the ears, but through the core... Some place between belly and chest just rumbles with defiant energy, admiration, respect.

Michael Dunlop... Legend.  I will cherish this photo forever :)

And the riders, those crazy b's... fierce, focused, fixated. They entertain and inspire by pushing limits, pushing each other, pushing themselves... Some injured, some broken, some defeated, but today, thank god, all alive... In the truest sense of the word..

It must be the most alive you can feel when all that stands between you and your hearse this day is a single mistake.. Anyone's mistake.

It's a lesson in madness.. A lesson in courage, but most of all, it's a lesson in passion... And after all... Isn't that what makes life worth living?

Guy Martin signing his autobiography for Terry


Introduced to it by Terry, I'm a recent follower of road racing and I'm fascinated by the mindset of these racers. If you'd like to learn more about Road Racing: Click my links below (See, I've made it real easy for ya! :))

On Board action with Michael Dunlop and Guy Martin (Youtube)

Tourist Trophy, Isle of Man (TT) The real heroes  (Youtube)

Road, The (Docu) Movie, tells the amazing story of the Dunlop Men. Narrated by Liam Neeson (New release...I'm going to see this tomorrow, I can't wait!)

Closer to The Edge (Docu) Movie featuring Guy Martin, John McGuinness & the Isle of Man TT


Always, Amanda xx