Poem ~ The Wonderings of a Cuckoo, Watching From Afar


I wonder what she's doing

popping in and out

banging lids and puffing

sometimes with a pout


I wonder what she's saying

to her dog who wags his tail

and why sometimes she moves so fast

and sometimes like a snail


I wonder where she goes to

all weighed down with bags

I wonder if she knows too

she sometimes leaves in rags


I wondered if I bothered her

when first I came along

Until I saw her close her eyes

and listen to my song


The cuckoo is my favourite bird call of all... I find it so gentle and soothing and really good company! Plus, it's a real sign of summer. I used to have a cuckoo in a nearby field when I lived in Co Clare and I loved his yearly visits so much, I knew I'd miss him when I moved away.

Since moving to the forest here in Fermanagh last November, I've been wondering if we'd get 'a new cuckoo', lol...  I'm almost sure I heard the call yesterday evening! I hope so <3

Always, Amanda xoxo