Irritated with your day? Close your eyes and draw something!

So the weather here has been atrocious. Cold. Damp. Wet. Miserable.

This morning began with my spending 90mins at a meeting in a community hall and possibly the coldest place on earth. I left rattling to my bones.

I got to the studio and could heat neither it nor myself. I then had electrical problems (of all days) and so no heaters either. OH. MY. GOD. I cursed this day, this place and this weather. I cursed it all.

At 3 O Clock, I decided I couldn't bear it anymore.

I was so distracted. Then, just as I was getting ready to bail... I looked over at my 'clothesline', where all the papers I've been saving for exploration, hang. I've been wanting to do something with them for ages. Something loose, something messy, something...well, me! 

It's just paper, so that frees me up to play and not go chasing after anything in particular. It's very different than working on canvas or 'good' paper. 

I was so irritated at this point. I just grabbed the papers, some charcoal, closed my eyes and frantically drew faces, 'blind'. Then with some watercolour crayons (and eyes open again), I just defined and scribbled a bit more. It didn't take long and I didn't get too involved, but it felt so good.

It totally released all my ARGGGGGGHHHHHH's!!! 

And then, like a big drama queen... I downed my tools, declared aloud (to nobody there)... a big fat, Irish, "NOW!". As if I was making some kind of statement in defiance. Lol.

Then I got on with the rest of my day, feeling a little less frazzled. I'm glad I did that. Had I not, it would have been like the day had won. 

I like that they're rockin the 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look.

Always, Amanda xoxo