Grieving On Mother's Day

This day last year, I received my first & only mothers day card. I was to become a first time mother at 41. Sadly, it wasn't to be. Our little fairy left as softly as she came...and that was that. The world keeps turning no matter if you're right side up or lying face down with claw marks in ground. It's been a very personal and difficult thing to accept that.

So, while I didn't expect it at all, I'm feeling that loss today. Just a little raw. And that's alright... it is how it is. I trust still in my path, whatever way it may unfold.

I'm not a big fan of hallmark days.. I don't need a cue to express myself. Still... I am a fan of mothers and mothering. And I am grateful for my own mother and also my sister, for the mothering love they shower on me. 

Thinking also of the many, including my husband, who's mothers are no longer with us. And of the Magdelene women of Ireland. 

Lets inhabit our hearts today. 

'A Cradle Song' by WB Yeats. Art by Amanda Grace 

'A Cradle Song' by WB Yeats. Art by Amanda Grace 

Always, Amanda xoxo