The Good, the Bad and the Maybe...

I had some great chats this weekend with my dear friend Shanida. Myself and Shanida lived and worked together for a time back in 99/2000. Our connecting was definitely a case of 'A Pilgrim recognises another Pilgrim from afar'. We've shared that quality of connection ever since. This weekend was a reunion for us, having not set eyes on each other in 5 years. And it was like no time had passed at all. In fairness, we have kept in touch through letter writing. Always sharing with each other what is moving and inspiring us. We keep each other informed as to the sources of our muse.  

It was so great to catch up, make art, play music and share stories.

One of those stories was one Shanida recently shared with us in the Pilgrims On Deck FB community. It's the story of the Chinese Farmer, narrated by Alan Watts.

It illustrates our tendency to project, assume and evaluate the circumstances we find ourselves and others in, as 'good' or 'bad'.

This parable invites us instead into an alternative philosophical stance. To tend to what is and not what we 'think' of what is. I wanted to share the clip with you too. 

Always, Amanda xoxo