Worried You're Deluded? Read This.

Hello Pilgrim!

Someone posted this video clip is my facebook feed last night, I forget who. I watched it, thought it was cute and then I moved on.

But something stayed with me. This morning I 'got it' and I want to share that with you. 

Watch this short clip. There could be a lesson to be learned from this young girl and her relationship with her pet friend, a duck named Snowflake. 

All together now, awwww.... Ok. now, let's break it down. 

First of all... we are introduced to her story by an interviewer who, upon referring to her experience, calls it 'a delusion'. All I have to say about that is... really? A Deluded young girl? Is that all you see?

He then poses a question to her and did you hear her response? It was hilarious, sure... but did you also see what happened?

This girl is so trusting and secure in her connection to her truth, as it shows up for her 5 year old self, that she doesn't even 'hear' the question. It's a non question! 

Instead, she answers in a way that confronts the interviewer with the absolute simplicity of what's in her heart. How disarming was her response. It changes the question asker in that moment. Did you notice the childlike spirit it brings out in him? 

He doesn't recover. 

This is a five year old child. She is using a reference she is familiar with to verbalise the connection she feels and which is channeling through her, for no other reason than 1) she is open to it (that is the nature of the 5 year old self) and 2) her parents have given her no reason to deny it.

She defines the connection between her and her duck in terms of a real world relationship. That relationship, which is one of nurturing, love and care, is what she understands and what has obviously been modelled to her as 'Mothering'. 

This is not to say Dad hasn't also demonstrated these qualities in his role, but he's a boy and boy parents are called 'dad', hence... to this duck, she is 'mom'. 

Ok, very cute, but what does this mean for us?  

When was the last time you were so connected to self, that knowing what you know in your heart, even though it calls attention on you for being 'deluded', was a non debate?

When have you ever stood up for your own heart so intently, that you were able to remain grounded, even under questioning, from someone 'bigger than you'? 

Think about it. That's what this little girl has inspired me to reflect on today. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a conversation with my 5 year old self. Last time I saw her, she was wearing her Wonder Woman Socks and poised to jump. I want to be there to encourage her when she does. 

What is your 5 year old self doing today?

Always, Amanda xoxo