Inviting Curiousity

Hi Pilgrim, 

Another busy week thank God... and another weekend at the markets, which I love and am high as a kite after.

Hello people and hello spring.

I take my journals to the markets and have a handy little set up. I love to work live for market goers & invite them into a peek of the creative process. I think it's important to show that... or at the very least, interesting. I think half the intimidation for those who yearn for a creative practice is the mystery of how art is made.

So often, we come across art in it's finished form. The outcome, framed, ready to hang or on a wall somewhere. What we rarely see, is the process, the messy bit in the middle.

How does a blank page become a finished piece?

What I hear a lot from people is 'God, I couldn't do that'. They tend to expect creative practice to be more complicated than it has to be...

So I sit there in my little space with my pencil case and pritt stick and people are fascinated by that. And it's encouraging and that's what I want. To encourage and remove any intimidation. I invite curiousity. I leave myself open to approach. That is so important to me... that openness.

It makes for such lovely moments when the curious lean in...and when I see it in them, I recognise that yearning. I nurture it. I smile and say 'you're an artist, you just don't know it yet'. And I see them entertain the idea.

I see the flicker of light and the shadow of doubt that says... 'but I'm not good at....' and I tell them, 'It's not about being good at it, it's about showing up to do it anyway.'

My hope is to have doused a little fuel on their fire... and for them to know I'm here, should they want to fan it a little more.

So that was my weekend. I'm taking tomorrow off (ish).. I'm planning a walk, a swim, a foot massage and a vlog. I have some work to do too but, balance.

These are two journal spreads I finished at the market today. And I started two little fires in the process who signed up on the spot, to join me in my upcoming RAW WORKSHOP


I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Always, Amanda xoxo

p.s.... If you're in Ireland and interested in visual journalling with me.. check out my upcoming workshop schedule here!