Creative Entrepreneurs: Why Do You Create Everything But Time Out?

Hello Pilgrims!

Last weekend, I spend a few days in Dublin at 3 back to back creative events. Liz Gilbert talking about Big Magic on her book tour, an evening of networking with creative entrepreneurs and a creative show and tell event on the Saturday. For three whole days I was immersed in creative culture, business, and enterprise.

Tara Prendergast from  speaking on the Le Cool Panel at Creative Show and Tell, Dublin

Tara Prendergast from speaking on the Le Cool Panel at Creative Show and Tell, Dublin

There was inspiration, aspiration, questions, advice, storytelling, support, connections made, information shared, loads of insight and refreshing panel discussions on what it means and takes to be not only a creative, but a creative entrepreneur. 

Here's the answer to that last part.

- It takes A LOT -

What being a creative entrepreneur means is to be constantly, ruthlessly, digging deep and giving all you've got. The lines are very blurred between the creative and her business. 

Creative entrepreneurs are a fascinating bunch. They are 'dive in the deep end-ers'. 'Figure it out as we go along-ers'. 'Yeah, that might be the way it's usually done, but I'm gonna do it this way'ers'. They are 'make it happen'ers'. 

It was contagious, it was energising and it was an education. I came away having learned loads. One thing in particular I learned, is that I have yet to successfully answer the question "What do you do?" in under 600 words. (I'm working on it)

As you can see, it's a recurring theme in my art journal! 

As you can see, it's a recurring theme in my art journal! 


I arrived home to my forest dwelling, taking the rest of Sunday to re-acclimatise. By Monday, I was still contaminated by the pace and urgency cities tend to impress on you. I'll be honest when I say it took me three days to untangle my energy and get back into my own space.


I'm very sensitive. Sometimes I don't realise the energy I'm carrying may not be just mine. I came away wound up, initially in a positive way (Good Stress). I was experientially invigorated, the creative business scene is thriving and I want to be a part of it. Then it got frantic. Next thing I know, I'm freaking out about how I'm not on top of this or that. How I need a strong brand, an ideal client, a target market. Like, NOW ... Arghhhhh. (Bad Stress.)

And then it dawned on me, is THIS how it feels to be an entrepreneur? Is it this EXHAUSTING? 

A few of my close friends are entrepreneurs in creative industries, so I asked them. Guess what they all said?


Naturally, I asked them what they do with all this stress. Guess what they all said?

'I Just Deal With it Because I Haven't Time'

Excuse me? You know time is created, right? Basically, they keep going until they break and their bodies take them down. Wow. Whatever happened to prevention being better than cure?

I don't like being bad stressed. I'm not good at it. I've had a mad month, I was making a madder week for myself trying to push, catch and keep up. Trying to be part of it all, this movement of self as business model. 

But this isn't me. Push, is not me. I'm a creative, yes. I'm a business, yes. But all this's not what I'm about. 

so, mid-freaker, I checked in with a wise mentor and what she said was this: 

STOP. Go do something simple.  

And I did. I made room, I made time. I abandoned the chase and I the I did 'the thing I do'. Ha!

Time Out. This is what creative meditation looks like. 

Time Out. This is what creative meditation looks like. 

So... ask me. What do I do? (Ahem)

'I do simplicity. I know how to untangle. I untangle you.' 

( it's not perfect, but I'm getting there)

Now, Here's what I want to know...When is the last time, if ever, you took off all those hats you wear, punched your non-existent time card and surrendered yourself to simplicity? If you're like my friends and you don't, tell me why not and what would it take? 

Answers on a postcard please....

Always, Amanda xoxox 


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