A Celebration, A Collaboration and a maybe Transition

Well, Hello!! This weekend I celebrated the BiG birthday of my dear friend Allison. I painted for her, her very own Daisy Jane. I'm always nervous gifting one of my paintings on someone who didn't ask for it (lol), but to my total delight Allison was thrilled. She said she had been secretly hoping she'd get one. It says 'Ours is a friendship made in the heart'... The pair of us got all welled up and weepy over it! *sniff* 20140915-135416.jpg Ally and I live about 2 hours apart & don't hang out all that much, so it's always great when we do. I met her lovely girlfriends who were a wonderful combination of hospitable, interesting, charming, entertaining, vivacious, gregarious and reserved (Although, I think she may have been sober, maybe traumatised would be a more accurate descriptor).

We dined in a very cool tapas bar before heading back to the house for after hours *wink*

For the month of September I'm applying myself to the creative practices prompted by Flora Bowley's Bloom True Bootcamp. The prompt was to collaborate on a painting. I'm so new to painting, I'd never done this before but knew it was the perfect occasion to invite others to collaborate. I set up a very modest amount of supplies and I kicked things off with a few colourful marks and then into the wee hours, the adults visited the table to create this foundation. 20140915-140834.jpg We went to bed and I reset the table with another invite for the morning crew. 20140915-141228.jpg The early morning artists Sienna, Bella, Ciara and Erin painted a beautiful version of Daisy Jane for me to take home along with a little note to say they hoped I liked the present. I LOVED it and am gonna hang it from the love line in my studio. 20140915-141634.jpg Once everyone had made their mark, I then turned our efforts into another Daisy Jane, with the girls by my side, watching with excitement and directing my finishing touches. It was so great, I loved how they got so involved, brought out the 10 year old in me too!

So here she is.. The other birth-day girl from this weekends galavanting.20140915-142226.jpg

You can't see the top of the painting but it says 'celebrate with scribbles and fun'.. The title was another collaboration. Great way to end the weekend! What else is going on here? Well...

  • I got to see my handsome fella
  • Had a great phonechat with my sis
  • I bought Gregory Porter's album Liquid Spirit and instantly fell in love with his music
  • Got the long awaited call back on the house we viewed and really hope to rent, so it's looking good (stay tuned for official confirmation)

And finally, I'm preparing for the much anticipated art retreat in Bantry, my first ever.. I leave Thursday and I am so very excited! What more can I say?! It's all very good in this hood!! ❤️

Always, Amanda xxx