2o weeks forgetting

So I finally bought a nailbrush. 5 months painting and only today did I remember outside the house to buy one. I have a head like a sieve. 3 days in a row now I have forgotten to bring home milk. Twice today I shortchanged myself with forgetfulness by finding myself on the toilet without paper. Currently, I am forgetting to go to bed on time. Since April I have been 'scrubbing' my post painting session nails with a toothbrush..Actually, now that I think of it, I bet the reason I remembered to get it today was because of my horror this morning when I 'almost' used the nail-toothbrush instead of the tooth-toothbrush to polish the delph. No, just no, disgusting, enough.

Anyway,the nails are lovely now and clean up was 20 minutes shorter. I kind of feel like I've reached a milestone with that purchase; I needed a 'proper' nailbrush, so much so that I remembered!

Goodnight <3