Welcome to Pilgrim Soul - A Nesting Space

A space to retreat from 'the desperate field of battle'. To connect with likeminded others. 

To find a tribe, a community, a sense of belonging. To gather, together, in devotion to creative practice.


Casual Open Studio Journaling Sessions

If you are:

  • Seeking to reignite or keep a fire under your creative practice and / or develop your creativity. 
  • Interested in or fanatical about, journaling
  • Feel lost in your art and need some inspiration. 
  • Struggle with consistency, the critic, overwhelm.
  • Just wanting to get messy, make marks and have fun.
  • Find creative community, connection and a regular artist date.
  • Yearning to explore and express your creativity more. 

Join us every Wednesday, for a weekly gathering of friendly and supportive creative souls, committed to intentional, regular practice. We bring our journals, supplies and selves and journal while we chat, share inspiration and resources.

These are casual, non instructional, non directive sessions. It is simply a hosting of time and space for you to connect and explore your creativity, alongside others, freely and at your own pace.  Though a natural by product of keeping creative company, is that we learn by osmosis. 

There is however, a rich and diverse selection of mixed media journaling books and magazines to browse, plus lots of other resources and prompts in studio, to inspire you. There is a selection of tea and coffee, chill out area and a cafe on site if you fancy lunch after. We also anticipate organising occasional creative field trips, to broaden our experience. 

Every Wednesday 10.30 - 12.30

Pilgrim Soul Studio
Rathcormac Craft Village. Sligo.
(end of yard, glass panel door, upstairs from Pottery Studio)

€10 per session.

Call / text Amanda to let us know to expect you or if you have any questions or simply email, by filling in the form* below.

087 945 3482

Name *

*This is a direct correspondence email form, not a marketing opt in. 

A note from Amanda, 

Here's the thing, Pilgrim. I spend a lot of time on my own. Also, I no longer drink and in many ways, 'going out' was my only portal to fun. I hold these gatherings in support of a vibrant, healthy social life. A time and place for us to feed the soul with good company.

I know I'm not alone. This is an opportunity to find company and connection, in a creative backdrop.

We have coffee, music and inspiration and support. And you are most welcome, to be part of it.

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