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When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

TENDER is a 6 week online group coaching of coming to know and connect with our four centres of intelligence, or voices, which are: mind, heart, body and soul.

Learn this simple and yet profound form of self inquiry through daily practice and a weekly deep dive into the tools that will transform your relationship with the truth of your experience and how to honour it with life enhancing, intentional and compassionate action.

Watch this video to learn more:

Tender is a course I wish I had known about years ago.
— Shawnnita Fairbairn | TENDER Participant.

Week 1 | Inhale Truth Is Kind

Monday 8th July 5pm GMT

You will begin to orientate yourself around TRUTH and KINDNESS. We prepare for practice set intentions and manage expectations.

This will begin YOUR journey of SELF ATTENDANCE.


Week 2 | Mind
Here Be Dragons

Monday 15th July 5pm GMT

We look at stories you’re telling yourself, identifying and disarming the battle dragons of your mind. How do you ARGUE with the truth? Where do you CONTROL? What SHOULDs are holding you back?

This will deepen your journey of separating TRUTH from FICTION.


Week 3 | Heart

The Guest House

Monday 22nd July 5pm GMT

we learn the language of your EMOTIONS and what they’re trying to tell you.

Your emotions offer you critical intelligence and you need to UNDERSTAND their very specific purpose for inquiry.

Week 4 BodyTrust

Monday 29th July 5pm GMT

You will learn to cultivate an awareness not just OF your body, but AS your body.

Your BODY is your ultimate TRUTH teller. Your best friend. Your body is KIND. It never lies. Also, it knows things.

This week, you will learn to LISTEN to your body. We will explore this fascinating terrain in a way you have never known before.


Week 5 | Soul
The Pilgrim

TUESDAY 6th Aug 5pm GMT

Trusting the inbuilt navigation system and visionary wisdom of your higher consciousness.

Whatever your Everest, this voice is your Sherpa. Trusting your Soul’s path is a radical act of SELF. Here, you will get expansive. I will introduce you to practices that allow your SOUL to speak.


Week 6 | Exhale:
Not The End.

Monday 12th August 5pm GMT

Reflect. Release. Renew.

This week, you will tap into your CREATIVITY and ENVISION yourself living the story you want to tell.

You will construct a vision board, a personal, value based mission statement and compose for yourself, the ultimate PERMISSION slip to EMBOLDEN yourself, like never before.



Before Tender I struggled deeply with the anxiety and overwhelm. I struggled to express myself verbally, emotionally and creatively. Throughout the Tender course, I gained tools that have inexplicably changed how I interact with myself and those I care about.

The support and guidance I received during Tender, from Amanda and our group allowed me to view my perspectives in a soft, safe place - without judgement.

My relationship with myself has changed dramatically over the last six weeks. I’m less anxious and overwhelmed. When those feelings do surface, I now have the tools I need to help myself cope.
— Shawnnita Fairbairn | TENDER Participant.
Before tender I was on a continual search for “the answer”. I bought every book, did every course that promised any or all of these things. Tender unearthed revelation upon revelation for me - it was only through listening to my whole self through the Tender process that I could begin to heal.
— Rachel Wade | TENDER Participant.
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I will discuss this in week one but a notebook and pen is all you need initially. We may use creative supplies later in the course but this will not require you to go out and buy a load of stuff. We will work with what you have.


All calls will be on the free to access, Zoom platform and will be between 60 - 90 minutes in length. Calls will be recorded and made available for replay until 3 months after class closes. Class times are set to accommodate numerous time zones and are subject to change in the case of critical unforeseen events. Group work between calls will take place in a secret, invite only FB group, details of which will be sent to you on registration.


This offering will be limited to a small cohort of students, to ensure an intimate group dynamic, lots of personal attention, one-on-one support, and plenty of space to explore and connect with your process. The nature of this work often begets feelings of vulnerability*. By registering, you are consenting to enter into a facilitated safe space in which openness and vulnerability is encouraged and embraced and therefore, mutual positive regard, support and confidentiality is sacred and MUST be respected at all times by all participants.

*This programme is not therapy, nor is it intended to replace therapy, in any form or for any reason. This work can however, enhance and compliment a formal therapeutic arrangement and may provide you with rich new insight and content to explore further with your therapist. By registering also, you are accepting responsibility for your own emotional and mental health and well being, as well as your own boundaries around sharing and participation.

No experience or skill is required to participate in this programme.

This course will have a pace as outlined by the weekly schedule above. Amanda will teach on live calls weekly and be present in group for a limited time daily to respond to homework posted in the group. Each week’s homework will be due and feedback given on same, within that week. Priority will be given to homework relevant to the current week. It is in the best interest of the group as a collective and also individuals, that responsibility be taken for your own experience, pace, work and process.

Please ensure your ability to commit to this work and know it will be available again. If the timing or circumstance is not right for you now, I encourage you to honour that.

All payments are final and there will be no refunds for any reason, whatsoever. By choosing the early bird payment plan, you are committing to payment in full, regardless of whether or not you continue to engage with or complete the course work.

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