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“It’s Like a Creative Treasure Hunt”

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30 Days RAW(e):nergy, is a 30 day email sequence, designed to energise and inspire your creative process and practice in a way that makes it a non negotiable part of your daily life, self and behaviour.

The content in these emails, is rooted the experience and insights that arise from much study and the very intentional nurturing and renewal of my relationship with and the energy inherent in the creative process and which I teach in all my offerings.

This offering is effective as both an extension of and / or a primer to my RAW online course, a four week deep dive into creative freedom, expression and meaning, on and off the page. RAW is a powerful process to connect with your intuition and deeper knowing.

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So many of us have been taught to equate creativity with talent and the ability to draw. We’ve been taught also, that time is not a place in which to linger, that it must be ‘productive’.

That our creative pursuits must bear tangible fruit that we can hold up and say "See? This is how I spent my time today. I have something to show for it."

As if the only valid return on our investments, are that which we can present as concrete. 

And this is a tragedy, because there is so much more to receive, pilgrim. 

My work in this world very much centres around helping you unlearn that script. To understand and transform your relationship with creativity so as to experience it as a process that is never not happening and always greater than the sum of it's parts.

Any and all skill I have ever developed in my creative and also my personal life, is as a direct result not of talent, but of the ENERGY I have given to it.

Creative recovery has hands down, given the most return on any energetic investment I have ever made in my life and so in response to a need expressed by students of my RAW process, I was inspired to offer this 30days of RAW(e):nergy, to motivate support and make daily creative practice, something you do, naturally and with ease.

To inspire in you, a devotion of energy every day, in the direction of your highest purpose; your creative self.


Your investment is €35:

  • On registration, receive a welcome email with what to expect + video demos regarding supplies + a handmade journal tutorial.

  • Your cycle will begin on the next *Sunday and you'll receive a daily email, each day for 30 days.

  • Each email will include a thought provoking reflection + daily prompt from Amanda along with supporting artwork or image.

  • You’ll receive a reflective, check in email from me at the end of each week, with all that weeks prompts in one place.

  • These weekly check in emails will include further inspiration in the form of bonus content from me, creative inquiry questions for journaling & links to rare interviews with the the legendary artists and icons, I have found most inspiring to my creativity.

  • Online Creative Community in which to gather and share your creative selves and experiences and ongoing access to me there also.

*You must register by Saturday 9pm (GMT) for your cycle to begin the next day, otherwise yours will begin the following Sunday.

My hope is to invite you daily, to nurture and share your creative self both on and off the page and that by the end of these 30 days,
you will have a greater understanding of the creative process and how it’s about so much more than making art.

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Because you promised you.

Why do we fail to honour daily practice? Because of our expectations of what it should look like. Namely, mastery.

You call what you do ‘dabbling’, you don’t see that as legit creativity and you minimise it’s [and hence your] significance, because of it.

Also, perfectionism. The perfect time, the perfect space, the right materials, you’re not talented enough, you don’t know enough.

SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. When it’s not really that big of a deal.

We’re wired to bypass anything we think is ‘too much effort’ OR that carries with it, the potential for failure. So we lie to ourselves and say we’ll get around to it when we have ‘free’ time or headspace but then we never do. There is no such thing as ‘free’ time. I want to teach you creative self expression as an inherent part of your every day, not something that has to wait until ‘someday, when I have the time & space’.

Why fill pockets of time feeling stressed out and scattered when you could be scribbling, cutting imagery out of magazines, making blackout poetry and doodling?

Creative expression is a human need and you have a right to fulfil that need.

You’re investing your energy either way, so why not invest it where there is so much to gain.


Having a daily prompt every day for 30 days, will nudge you in the direction of seeing your world with the eyes of an artist.

It is an artist’s natural inclination to notice and appreciate beauty and not only where it resides, but where it could reside, but for whatever reason, doesn’t...Yet.

An artist also knows the transformative value in the very act of noticing and deciding to see something ‘ordinary’ as beautiful.

All it takes is an intentional, conscious decision and there, be beauty.


The prompts I offer you throughout this series, are not all art related. With these emails, I’m offering you suggestions as to how you might go about your days, what you might notice, what creative-self expression you might make, ways you might intervene in your life and in the world that say “Hello, I’m here too”.

Ways of being that might help not only you recover, reclaim and integrate your creative identity, but inspire others in the process.

I can tell you right now, that I owe my creative recovery to the brave souls who stepped out and modelled it for me.

Never underestimate the kindness you do in the world when you invest in your own recovery, development, wellbeing and happiness.

You expressing YOU, is a massive deal.

Once you stop running and invest in the decision to move in the direction of who you really are AND to express that, you will start to feel an intoxicating regard for yourself.

You will surprise yourself.

You will come to know and dare I say, love who you are. You will love your life. Let me tell you, as someone who has done it, nothing and I mean nothing, beats it.

It never, ever, ever, ever, ever, not in a million Sunday’s, gets old.