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Join me for a Deep Dive into Practice, Process and Flow-state Creativity

This is a 'no experience necessary' opportunity to explore ways to:

- Overcome creative blocks -

- Surrender self judgement -

- Fearlessly approach the blank page -

- Stay inspired and take your creative expression to new heights -

- Learn how to break down and tend to the elements so that the art just makes itself -

I haven’t stopped creating since. It has changed the way I approach my life and given me a place to go when my head is too full to contain all the clutter.
— Kellie Marie, Dublin | RAW '17

Join me in Portland, Oregon for 2 days of messy, RAW, self expression.

I'm so excited to call this intimate gathering of like-hearted souls
to explore creative recovery, through the process focussed approach to visual journaling.

I have secured a cosy and very cool studio in a little industrial nook in North East Portland.

You don't need to be an artist, or even 'arty' for that matter. 
And RAW is definitely NOT about drawing straight lines. 
In fact there's no drawing at all.

All you need is curiosity, an open mind and a sense of play. 
RAW will help you dig deep and bear witness to your creative SELF.

During this 2 day workshop, you can expect to learn how to create: 

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Learn how to let go, get out of your own way and trust the process.

Overcome the fear of beginning and the blank page.

Discover tools and techniques to overcome any creative block or dry spell.

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Learn narrative techniques to explore, tell and share your stories
with authenticity, creative freedom and courage.

Experience the creative process as a means of deep inward connection.

Learn how to hold and honour sacred space and the value of ritual

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So often in journaling classes it is the same thing over and over and I am pretty sure that many of the participants here have never done anything like this in their journals before. What a great way to stretch. I can see a multitude of ways to incorporate these ideas beyond this class. Thanks for your offering and for taking us to a new place in our journals.
— Kate Robertson.

I will: 

  • Guide you through some WRITING exercises to tap into your most inner knowings which facilitate deep self connection and expression

  • Teach you simple, spontaneous 'messy play' techniques in which the art makes itself.

  • Show you ways to build a 'stash' of RAW materials so you're always ready to dive in

  • Invite you into a deeper understanding of creative practice & process using inquiry, symbolism and metaphor as portals to deep self connection & expression.

  • Share my own process and insights on making art that is honest, open and RAW

  • Help you let go & hold space for your own process and vulnerability.

You will: 

  • Gently explore your inner landscape

  • Discover what it means for you to show up for and as yourself

  • Experience a creative recovery of your own truth, wisdom and insight

We will: 

  • Gather & witness together

  • Laugh (tears are ok too)

  • Have fun and share ourselves in the spirit of creative recovery


Your investment: $385* US Dollars


That includes: 

  • 2 Full days workshop (10am - 5pm)

  • Tea and coffee making facilities and refreshments.

  • A downloadable pdf of follow up notes.

  • Bonus subscription to RAW energy: a 30 day visual journaling email course.

  • Continuing support and inspiration from beautiful, like-hearted souls in our Closed Facebook Community, Pilgrims On Deck

  • Lunch is not included but there are a plethora of eateries in the immediate area.



*A limited number of seats have been set aside as "early bird" pricing of $385 per person. This special pricing will end after the minimum seats are filled or after May 1st, whichever occurs first. Following this, pricing will be set at $420 per person.

Payment / Cancellation Policy. Please note:

As I am travelling a great distance, please note that I must have a very strict policy in place for payment & cancellations. A 50% payment will secure your space and will be non refundable. You can also pay in full up front. There is an option to cancel up to 30 days prior to the event, under which circumstances, you will receive a refund on monies paid, minus your deposit.

If you chose to pay deposit now, you will be invoiced the balance due, by May 8th.  

If you cancel within 30 days of the event, you will not be refunded any payments made unless we can fill your space and then you will be refunded monies paid less your deposit.

How to pay:

Click the 'Book Now' button to be taken to shop where your options will be available in a drop down menu.
If you're on a mobile device: When you 'add to cart', it sometimes doesn't link you to checkout, you will see a cart icon on the top of your screen, click that to checkout. 

Any questions or difficulties, email:

What participants are saying about RAW:

What did I love most about Amanda’s RAW workshop? Her authentic blend of agency, vulnerability, and skill. She created an amazing environment to gather, and she shared her intriguing story about her journey to becoming an artist. She held space for others to share theirs too. She united the group in an unforgettable creative & spiritual exploration, and shared an abundance of useful tools & skills for art journaling. This is not your average art workshop, this is for sure a soul journey. Loved it.
— Alison Moncrieff | Artist & Poet | RAW Oakland Workshop.

Visit Alison' Moncrieff’s Website here.

I had the pleasure of attending Amanda Grace’s 2-day RAW visual journaling workshop in Oakland and it was all that I hoped it would be and more. From the beginning to the end, she facilitated and held space for all of us in attendance so that we could excavate our stories and translate them on to the page in a way that made us feel safe + brave, at the same time.

She openly shared her tricks of the trade, her style and her deep wisdom from her own very personal experiences, so that we could do the same. I’d follow her anywhere and love the way she talks the talk AND walks the walk in her creative recovery.
— Tammi Salas | Artist | RAW Oakland California

Visit Tammi Salas Website, here.

I cannot believe all I got out of this one day with you.
— Virginie L. Cork
I attended the RAW journal workshop in Wexford and loved every minute of it. Through Amanda I learned how I could be open and authentic and let the creativity flow freely on the pages before me. It was cathartic. I’m hooked!
— Gayle D. Wexford
Did ya ever meet a person full of soul? That’s Amanda . She’s an old head and a big heart in a very human shell.. she makes you see what it is you need to see, helps you let go, loosen up,cop on...whatever. She’s a gem and I am so happy I responded to her advertisement for RAW’s been a god send...but don’t get me wrong she’s great Craic too . An all round darling lady I’m very glad to know and a fantastic facilitator and tutor.
— Niamh O. Dublin
Thanks for helping me unveil another layer of myself Amanda. Powerful work.
— Aoife, Dublin
I was very fortunate to attend the RAW creative journaling workshop in Cork last Saturday. I got so much out of it! I had grown such creative complex but Amanda burst the heavy bubble. She is a super natural and warm host, we felt safe to exchange and I am chuffed at what we all got out of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH Amanda!!
— Virg, Cork
I did the RAW workshop just over a week ago and enjoyed it immensely- Amanda is passionate about her art and was lovely to work with. I have been delving into it since and find it great to clear my head especially near bed time
— Philo, Wexford
Wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. She is a gifted soul. She is able to guide you in creative ways to express yourself safely on the page. I would do it again.
— Karen O Brien | RAW Oakland California.
I recently attended Amandas RAW Art Journalling workshop in Dublin and I haven’t stopped creating since. It has changed the way I approach my life and given me a place to go when my head is too full to contain all the clutter. I was fascinated watching her working in her own RAW way. By Raw I mean she was literally slapping her Journal to make the art move, connecting with it on a physical level. Letting it guide her. A brilliant teacher, a lovely woman, and all in all one of the best things I have done in years. I also made a new friend in Amanda that day. Onwards!
— Kellie Marie R. Dublin
An inspirational workshop. Such a memorable experience which reinforced the message for self care and self discovery. Thank you for holding the space for us, so graciously
— Kate, Dublin
Thank YOU Amanda. It was an incredible day and I really enjoyed it all. Highly recommend this course and I can’t wait to see where my journaling journey takes me.
— Jayne, Naas