RAW Online Student Work + Experiences


As You Are Pilgrim | The Art of Showing up and Claiming Space

“This process works so well because it works as a lens with which to dedicate a self-discovery/expression session, and it's fascinating to see the results....like a mystery unfolding, unraveling what your soul wants you to know. Thanks so much for leading us down this path.”

Lisa Walding

"I am learning so much about being in flow, trusting the process, letting go of judgement as well as more technical aspects like color combination, texture, layering, and experimenting with my art tools. I can't wait to get to my backgrounds each day.”

Margaret Copley

Listening & Attending | The Art of Checking In On Our Inner Landscapes.

“It is powerful and important work. Amanda is truly inspiring. I plan to make raw journaling a daily practice now even if I only make a few marks. Showing up and working on healing by setting an intention into the work.

The textures and layers that emerge are beautiful.

If you want to work on your well being I can’t recommend this powerful and deep journal work enough. Don’t think you have to be able to draw. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Thank you Amanda so much.”

Linda Leslie.


RAW Collages.jpg

Play | Play | Walk Away. Repeat.

“I’m loving EVERYTHING about this class so much. You’ve given me permission to embrace my authentic, unpolished, slap it down and go personality and leave my miserable inner critic at the door!

This has been a work in process for over 20 years and somehow with your words, your work it has just “clicked.” I haven’t enjoyed creating this much ever.

I’m having a blast!”

Sandy Combs.