Although I don't consider myself a poet, I've decided to add this page to post poems and non sensical writings sometimes. Before I started blogging as me, I had an anonymous blog page for a couple of months. I was a bit burnt out and frustrated and I knew I needed an outlet to vent. I was struggling with some negativity, as I sometimes do, and rather than just be negative, I wanted a way to exorcise what was bugging me, but to contain it all the same. This has always been the case with me. I used to write songs and I was only ever inspired to write lyrics when I was going through some sort of shit.

But it works for me. I find myself spilling lyrically, what I want to say, without actually saying it straight out. Maybe because I'm just not ready yet. It's part of my process.

Why am I explaining myself?


Poems so far...



My mind

Always (song)

Falling for a vampire

These Funny Bones  (Song)

Back in My Camp

Wonderings of a Cuckoo, Watching from Afar

Too - Too 

Always, Never 

Thoughts at a Wishing Well 

What Makes a person Get out of Bed?

Fisherwoman's Blues


Three Things