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For The Curious...   

When people talk to me about my work, the one word that comes up, over and over again is, RAW. 

That's because, I create first and foremost, for me. I'm not out here, trying to paint pretty. I’m doing the work of healing myself through the creative process. This is how I get out of my system, all that weighs me down. And what has weighed me down, most of all, is trying to be a self that could earn approval. 

To live with the condition of chronic unworthiness, is to live life, from the outside in. This was my way of being until it landed me, at 34 years of age, in a crisis of 'wrongness'. Everything, for me, was wrong. I was in the wrong-for-me marriage, doing the wrong-for-me work, surrounded by the wrong-for-me people, living the wrong-for-me life. 

I was raised on the mantra 'Be Yourself' yet I had not one clue, who that was or how to do it.  

I had become an exile to my own life and something had to change. 

I chose to recover and begin expressing the 'self' I knew I was supposed to be. 

The creative process had always been my ally, my best friend and confident. It was the container into which I spilled all the truth I feared was unwelcome elsewhere. Armed with that strength, support and faith, I set out and slowly but surely, gave voice to the real me. And that is why, my work is RAW. 

In my life, by allowing my true, creative self the expression on which she thrives, I have discovered some surprising things..

I like myself more
I like life more. 
I found love. 
I found comfort and meaning. 
By just being me.

In June of 2017, my recovery deepened and I found sobriety from alcohol and nicotine. You can listen to that story, here. 

Mine is a practice of personal excavation, insight, empowerment and evolution, shared with you, honestly. I do all this because I'm curious, I'm compelled and I'm in good company.

I do this because the work of recovery, is important.

It makes for a happier you, your connection to self, your connection to others. I know I’m not alone in my quest to live the story I want to tell. 

I like to think of the creative process as, the 'royal road' to recovery.  OF and FROM. This, is the road I'm walking and have been, for almost a decade now.  I met this road at a very low time in my life. I have walked this road as a client, a therapist, an artist and human being. I walk so that I may learn to embody and empower all that I am.

I believe that in recovering our essence, we shape our destiny.

This work is a pilgrimage and I am a Pilgrim Soul. My work in this world is to serve as an advocate for and facilitator of creative self recovery, expression and care. A  deepening of attendance, to our internal landscapes. A practice which results, in insight, awareness and contentment. It is the path to reclaiming your personal power. 

The creative self recovery process, is not about perfecting the aesthetic, it's about recovering the authentic. It's also a way of life. I believe that attending to our relationship to self is how we prepare to best for more fulfilling relationships with others. 

I hope to inspire, evoke and encourage you into a process that supports you in recovering, welcoming and empowering your innate, RAW, creative self. To promote, model and teach creative practice and empowered self recovery and care, as a source of strength, comfort and joy. In support of living with true intention, meaning and value. 

Always, Amanda xoxo

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