Please note the 1st edition (snail mail) letterPOD subscription, is retired.
2nd Edition letterPOD is a ONE ISSUE digital product and will be delivered to your email inbox.  


:: The Origins of the letterPOD :: 

Seed 1. November '16

I had an idea and it wouldn’t go away.

So I went with my gut. Deep breath. On 11.11, 2016, I released into the world, the first seeds of my letters from a Pilgrim on deck, snail mail series. 


Composing these pods as a monthly practice arose from a need I discovered within me. 


I wanted to cultivate a connection.
I wanted to reach out.

From the here of my now, to you... for REAL.

When was the last time something came through your letterbox that inspired you?

Something filled with life, heart, soul, creativity, art… 

Something you didn’t have to file away; or that wasn't another bill to pay?

Something that excited you. Invited you to put the kettle on. To settle in and savour it’s opening.

When was the last time you unwrapped and unfolded paper, with care? 

It doesn’t happen much anymore, does it?

For 14 months here on Deck, it did. 

I wanted to inspire and invite you into creative practice as a way of life and I wanted to do it, the old fashioned way. By paper, pen and postal service. 

Seed 2. December '16

Seed 3. January 17 

Seed 3. January 17 

So,  created a monthly letter series.

This series took the form of my creative expression. My heart and soul, in art and words. In found things, discoveries... documented in paint and pencil. Art. Paper and Ink. 

It was a letter - in a POD. A seed of connection. From me to you. Because we are CONNECTED. Everything is.

It was a call out, an invitation, a recruitment of Pilgrim Souls like mine. To notice. To reflect. To see the world through eyes that appreciate beauty in the ordinary and a heart that believes in the extraordinary. 

My invite to you. To become part of something rich, something REAL. 

These letter POD”s were delivered, my hand to yours, my heart to yours, offline. Through your real-world letterbox. 

Words. Art. Soul. Heart. 



I wanted to try something different. So I produced a pilot issue of letterpod in DIGITAL format, because just as with my original letterpod idea, this one won't go away either and in honour of the evolving nature of the creative process, I released letterPOD v2.0. 

This is NOT a subscription but a single issue, delivered to your email inbox. I do intend to release sporadic and limited issues of the original, snail mail letterPODs, in the future. To stay abreast of such announcements and updates, sign up for my weekly newsletter, in which I will pre announce & offer first dibs on release. 

This digital POD will still contain the elements of the original... a letter of reflection... a here and now report from this Pilgrim Soul's life & experience. It will contain prompting to consider and make your own reflections, discoveries and art. An art journal lesson and interviews with my fellow creative souls, on creative expression and self care. I am simply delivering this to you in a different format.


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I invite you also to join our Pilgrims On Deck Community. A closed Facebook group, in which we gather around creative practice, expression and care. You don't need to buy or subscribe to anything to come on board.  


LetterPOD will return as a snail mail series, all in good time. But for now, here is what was said about the original:

Dear Amanda, I am not sure what type of magic you weave into these PODS, but it is much like a glass that overflows and allows me to put to paper what has been in my heart. It is an amazing release and an amazing gift you have that allows all of us to transform into ourselves. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your gift. Much love to you.
— Carolyn R. Florida
I have just received my letterpod ... and again I am speechless . Amanda I have literally no words to describe the feeling of something mysterious and miraculous ... a common consciousness ? I am reading the words of deep understanding and wisdom so accurate to my feelings and thoughts they must be written by an old friend , knowing me inside out ... how could that be happening ??? I am truly in awe, I can’t believe how synchronised it is , I am filled with a sense of wonder.
— Marta, Dublin. 

Amanda Grace and I became classmates in a year-long intensive online. From the moment do first meeting her in the On-line classroom I was struck by her emotional honesty, artistic passion and personal integrity. Amanda is a gifted artist, musician and poet. She listens with her heart and her intellect which makes her a gifted teacher. It is only because I live in Canada that I have not signed up for every class Amanda teaches. I have received her letter pods by mail and they totally inspire and beguile me with their content. Worth every penny or € or $ and they arrive every month without fail. You must meet her, you really must!
— Joan G. Canada
I am a proud receiver of Amanda’s LetterPods.The love, effort and thoughts she puts into them is just amazing. Each time I open mine, I am more than astonished because she always hits the topics I am concerned of or dealing with! Thanks so much for it!
— Jutta K. Germany
Pilgrim Soul and Pilgrims on Deck is a beautiful community to be a part of. I’ve yet to participate in a RAW Workshop, but have plans for the summer. The vibe in the community and in LetterPODs is all about being real, being kind and being open. Easier said than done, easy to forget - Amanda brings it into the everyday with gentle reminders and nudges towards self-care and exploration.
— Eadaoin C. Dublin
Inspirational, reflective. Damn Good Vibes.
— Shelly D. Cork
So full of serenity & love, peace & mindfulness. So personal. Thank you for showing me the way
— Ellen B. Florida
I started following Pilgrim Soul over a year ago. I love Amanda’s posts and her vlogs are my secret pleasure. When she said that she wanted to send a letter to my real life letterbox in the form of a LETTERPOD, I signed up without hesitation. I knew the LETERPOD would be special and I wasn’t disappointed! I have been subscribing for seven months and I haven’t missed one yet. The envelope arrives in the middle of each month and the envelope itself is a work of art. As you unwrap the layers of the LETTERPOD, you reveal a delightful array of contents that are always exciting, always intriging and always relevant. It’s different every month and Amanda’s artistry reveals itself as only she can. There is also a handwritten letter which invites you to sit awhile and reflect on that month’s theme, it also contains a prompt inviting you to further exploration of the month’s theme. It is very special and I consider it my present to myself each month. There is also an invitation to join the FB community ‘Pilgrims on Deck’ where you get to meet with other ‘Pilgrims’ and discuss the LETTERPOD and/or anything else you might like to share, in a safe, loving environment. I would highly recommend that you sign up for one LETTERPOD to see Amanda’s magic for yourself, I guarantee it will enlighten you and give you much delight and you won’t want to miss a month after that. Thank you Amanda, much love.
— Celine R. Wexford.
A friend told me about Pilgrim Soul and about Amanda’s LetterPods. I was intrigued so I decided to try one and see what all this was about. I am so glad I did! I have renewed my subscription for the second time and anticipate the monthly LetterPod and every month I am in awe of the synchronicity and the relevance to my life. The artistic heart and soul that is so evident in every single element of the LetterPod is simply stunning. If you are a Seeker, I can’t recommend it highly enough!
— Sharon M. Kilkenny.
Provocative. Inspiring... your insight and tenderness had tears flowing fully.
— Erin O. California.
This really is a gift that keeps on giving. What it brings out in you, the recipient - will last far longer and reach far deeper than you can imagine.
— Maria D. South Carolina.
Eloquent, thought provoking. A wonderful gift to myself.
— Allison B. Naas.
Thank you for this BIG little present. It made my day better
— Jose P. Spain.
Receiving the letterPOD, changed the course of my day & inspired me to take time for myself and get creative.
— Shanida. Dublin.