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When a well awakens in the mind, new possibilities begin to flow and you find within yourself a depth and excitement that you never knew you had
— John O Donoghue | Anam Cara
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Pilgrim, I invite you to join me for a transformative creative experience I have envisioned for you, on the west coast of Ireland. This is my homeland and I know the magic that resides here. Ours is a landscape so alive with ancient wisdom, it can’t help but work it’s magic on you.

This 5 Day, all inclusive creative journey will be hosted by The Essence of Mulranny Studio, run and operated by artists Lora Murphy & Cheryl Cobern Browne and located in the quaint coastal village of Mulranny, Co Mayo.

Mulranny, and indeed Ireland, is a place full of blessing and beauty. There is much here to welcome you in, shelter and inspire you as you immerse yourself in invoking an inner welcome for the renewal and expression, of your creative self.

IN, is the direction of this retreat. IN is where we will be going Pilgrim and the sacred ground itself here, is going to help me connect you right to the source from which you will draw and bring forth your creative aliveness.

If you allow yourself to be the person you are, then everything will come into rhythm.

If you live the life you love, you will receive shelter and blessings.

Sometimes the great famine of blessing in and around us derives from the fact that we are not living the life we love, rather we are living the life that is expected of us.

We need to return to the solitude within, to find again the dream that lies at the hearth of the soul.
— John O Donoghue | Anam Cara

Croí: The Art Of Receiving is an experience rooted in the intentional creating of conditions. It is a container in which you can immerse yourself in the creative process and experience art making as a vehicle for self discovery, renewal and transformation.

Amanda’s strength as a facilitator, is her ability to create and hold a space in which to take you deep, beyond the aesthetic. To experience your creativity as a means of inquiring into your sense of self and how that self is expressed. Amanda believes creative practice can serve as a profound mirror reflecting back to you, your essence, your most important part, your aliveness.

Amanda’s RAW process, introduces you to the many elements that make up an intentional creative practice, enriching it throughout, with powerful questions to awaken awareness through inquiry. Her workshops are suitable for all levels. She breaks the creative process down in a way that encourages and supports you to engage with it in a meaningful way, no matter your experience.

Participants will come away with a vast treasure trove of techniques, along with a renewed perspective on creativity and your access to it. This is an experience guaranteed to energise your sense and expression of self, on and off the page.

I loved Amanda’s authentic blend of agency, vulnerability, and skill. She created an amazing environment to gather, uniting our group in an unforgettable creative & spiritual exploration. This is not your average art workshop, this is for sure a soul journey.
— Alison Moncreiff | Artist | Oakland CA
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Day One: 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Your journey begins as you make your way to Mulranny where we will be waiting to receive you. We will gather for a relaxing reception, with music from award winning traditional Irish Harpist Úna Ní Fhlannagáin, food and an activity to celebrate our arrival.



Days Two and Three: 10am - 5pm

We will build our dwelling, in which to greet ourselves and each other. To show up, share and dive into the RAW creative process.



Day Four: 10 - 5pm

We will spend the morning in studio.

In the afternoon, I have a special excursion planned to a sacred site nearby, where we will experience a powerful ceremony together.


Day Four: 7-8pm Sound Bath

Sound bathing is a form of meditation, with healing sounds and energy work. It is a gentle and profound journey into yourself where you can experience a deep state of relaxation, restore energy levels, clear physical and emotional blockages, calm your mind, and open a healing space within yourself.



Day Five: 10 - 4pm

We will spend today reflecting, processing and documenting our experience in our journals, using all the techniques we have learned and insight we have gained.

*Approximate dollar values $1991.80 and $2219.44 respectively | Nov 2018 | Payment plans available = $350 Deposit + 3 payments of €550 and €620 respectively. Please see confirmation policy below.

*Approximate dollar values $1991.80 and $2219.44 respectively | Nov 2018 | Payment plans available = $350 Deposit + 3 payments of €550 and €620 respectively. Please see confirmation policy below.

April 2019 Retreat:
Starts Wednesday April 3, at 6.30pm.  Finishes on Sunday, April 7th, at 4pm.

September 2019 Retreat:
Starts Saturday 28th Sept at 6.30pm. Finishes Wed 2nd October, at 4pm.

{Option available to extend each of above by one night to depart Mon April 8th / Thurs 3rd Oct respectively at 11am for additional fee. We can discuss that after registration. No pressure to decide now}

Mulranny, Co Mayo. If you travelling from abroad, fly into Shannon or Dublin. If you are not driving, get a bus / train to Galway where we will arrange a meeting point from which to pick you up and and take you to your destination. More details and travel assistance following registration.

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Some materials will be provided. More details will be emailed upon registration.


Our hosts will provide delicious, local, organic food, for the duration of your stay; prepared on site by a private chef. We will have a welcome reception on arrival, breakfast lunch and dinner each day of our workshop and breakfast and lunch only, on our final day.

There will be an option for anyone travelling from a distance and not wanting to leave immediately after the workshop, to extend their stay by one extra night, departing the following morning for an additional fee. This can also be discussed as an add on upon registration.

Tea, coffee and cold non-alcoholic & non-sugar* beverages will be available throughout the weekend.

*Please note a strong undercurrent of all Amanda’s work, is recovery and self care. Many of Amanda’s students including Amanda herself, are in various forms and stages of recovery and our sobriety is of utmost importance to and priority for us. Amanda supports a broad understanding of recovery in all areas of life and while you do not have to be sober to benefit from this experience, out of respect for those who are, alcohol will not be served at this retreat.


Each of Amanda’s Retreats will be limited to 12 students to ensure an intimate group dynamic, lots of personal attention, one-on-one support, and plenty of space to explore and create.

No experience is required to attend this workshop.


The Essence of Mulranny is a beautiful learning centre, complete with well equipped mixed media art studio, private bedrooms, a cozy gathering room with fireplace and group kitchen for those midnight snacks!

We will be situated at the dramatic edge of the Wild Atlantic West Coast of Ireland, the end boundary of Europe, where land and sea meet and the threshold of a powerful creative adventure begins. Croagh Patrick, the holy mountain of the ancient and modern pilgrim, rises majestically from the sea on the opposite side of the bay.  Sheep stand still as the tide comes in over the grazing patch below the house and patiently wait to taste the salty grass when the waters recede. The rhythm of life here is dominated by these tides, flowing over the vast white beach and then leaving in haste withdrawal into the vast Atlantic.


Your payment acts as agreement to the following terms

A deposit of €350 will reserve your spot. There are no refunds for this workshop unless and only if we are able to fill your spot. In that event, a €150 cancellation fee will apply. Payments must be made in full by March 3rd and Aug 28th, respectively.


Within 48 hours of making your deposit you will receive a welcome email.  This is your registration confirmation and contains helpful info to help you start planning your trip to Mulranny. Please keep this email in a safe place.  It is recommended that you print it out.

IMPORTANT:  All communication will be emailed to the email address you used to register with.  If you require the information to be sent to an alternate email address, please email and let us know right away.

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I haven’t stopped creating since. It has changed the way I approach my life and given me a place to go when my head is too full to contain all the clutter.
— Kellie Marie, Dublin | RAW '17
Through Amanda I learned how I could be open and authentic and let the creativity flow freely on the pages before me. It was cathartic. I’m hooked!
— Gayle D. Wexford
Thanks for helping me unveil another layer of myself Amanda. Powerful work.
— Aoife, Dublin
I had grown such creative complex but Amanda burst the heavy bubble. She is a super natural and warm host, we felt safe to exchange and I am chuffed at what we all got out of it.
— Virg, Cork