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Three Session Coaching Package
I'm ready to invest in ME.

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Sessions must be used within 60 days. Please note that cancellations need to be made 24 hours before your session time or you forfeit your session..

Why Coaching?

This offering will be an extension of my creative recovery work, through which I can offer empowering support to you, on the road to greater self expression and meaning in life and to connect with your intuition and deeper knowing.

We do this by learning how to access and integrate feedback from the various intelligences you have at your disposal, but were never really taught to tap into. 

Working with me, will be particularly effective if what you’re struggling with, is a sense of incongruence about who you are and how you might be living your life. I work through the lens of recovery and with a creative approach.


I have quite a broad definition of recovery.

I understand it as a process OF and FROM. A recovery, first and foremost, OF a sense of self. This self then inevitably leads us onto the path of recovery FROM the impact of coping in ways that did and do not serve us.

Sobriety may or may not be a part of that.

It is not a prerequisite, nor is it an expectation or even, a goal.

Recovery work can also encompass the regeneration and renewal of self following bereavement, loss, illness, life transitions. It is the work of giving expression to a healing and sovereign self. 

Recovery as a Journey

In my case, recovery as a journey, began for me arising from the pain of distressed eating and depression. What I discovered on presenting myself for treatment was that underlying this, was a lost sense of self.

The stress of this, led me to rely on a set of pretty destructive coping mechanisms, ranging through everything from codependency, to partying, to binge eating, binge drinking, toxic relationships, extreme dieting, seeking constant validation and approval and generally just numbing, running and trying to be anything, but the toxic self concept I believed was inherently broken and unworthy.

I was living from the outside in

This way of living, led me to what I call, my crisis of wrongness. Pretty much everything I had chosen for myself in life, was wrong.

And that's where I began the journey of recovery. I understand on many levels, what it means to be a woman in recovery and it's mostly rooted in my own experience.


(Illustration by Jen Wilde @Sogayjen on Instagram)

Coaching v Therapy

I'm a qualified psychotherapist. I don't practice as a psychotherapist but I mention this because I want you to know you can trust, in working with me, you will be in the hands of a trained professional, for whom the responsibilities and ethics of being a practitioner and facilitator of self inquiry, is important.

I also have extensive training in facilitation and creative recovery methodologies as well coach training.

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Please know however, that coaching is NOT therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. I strongly encourage you to take responsibility for getting the appropriate support, for your current needs.

Coaching however, can compliment therapy but in my own experience, it serves best as the ‘next thing’; the investment you make in yourself when you’ve come through the fire and are moving in the direction of your true north but still find yourself a little disconnected, unsure, lacking confidence and asking yourself, ‘now what’?


I studied for my degree as I was simultaneously going through my own therapeutic process. Psychotherapy was something I had always wanted to study formally but I always secretly believed I was too fucked up to actually ever be worthy of the title and "what if they find out?

But the burning desire I had to understand myself and to learn the language that would allow me to articulate my experience, was enough on it's own, to override that fear.

I registered for that degree, in a moment of 'fuck it' madness and I never once looked back.

I still remember my first day in college. I was one of 3 mature students sitting in class during orientation. I was trying not to be consumed by the overwhelming totality of my secret imposter syndrome. In hindsight, I recognise how completely defended I was and all the judgement I had about counselling and people who fancied themselves counsellors (me), but I also knew as I sat in my chair, that I was going to make it.

I was going to graduate and something about this work, was going to be my life.

If I'm honest, I always had a sense of vocation about it.

Still do.

It's been a very rewarding journey and I'm continually investing in my skills of attendance, facilitation and process. To add coaching to my bag of tricks, just feels like the next right thing.

I'm really excited. It's a privilege to be a practitioner of all of these wonderful tools of change.

Always, Amanda xoxo

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