My Favourite Art Journal Supplies + Video Demo!

Dear Pilgrim, 

Having spent the last few months travelling Ireland, delivering my RAW art journalling workshopone of the mantra's I have left in my wake, is this:

Let The Art Make Itself. 

One of the barriers, I believe, to connecting deeper with your creative voice on the page, is art supply, overwhelm. 

Whether you're a beginner who doesn't know what to start with or you're a seasoned hoarder... I mean, gatherer ...who can't stop with the supplies, I have made a video I hope will help.  

And the great news is, Pilgrim, you really do not need much.

Work With What You Love

What you do need is a tidy little stash of stuff you love. That way, your tools become so familiar to you that expressing yourself through them, becomes second nature. After all, that is what you want, right? For your practice to have a rhythm and flow to it.

I would even recommend, if you have 'too many' supplies to hand, that you create from them, a stand alone stash for your journalling practice**


Master Your Voice

The most inspiring art to me, is that where the artist manages to centre her voice on the page. The supplies are simply instrumental in the process. 

When you keep it simple, you leave more room and more energy for your voice, that god given instrument of expression, to come forward. 

My journal practice serves first and foremost, as a vessel through which I communicate. It requires a lot of listening and attendance. It requires focus.

Too much choice is a distraction and so, I prefer my use of supplies, to be limited.

So, without any further waffle... join me below in my studio, where I show you what art supplies, bring me the greatest sense of ease, joy and voice. I've created a downloadable PDF, listing out everything I've demonstrated in this video plus some art journal inspiration and a prompt to get you on the page and stating your creative intentions. See form below the video. 

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Oh and please do share with us, your approach to and relationship with, art journal supplies in the comments below and /or over on Deck!

Always, Amanda xx

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**Stay tuned here and on my social media pages for another upcoming post + video on how to organise your supplies and create a studio, in a box.