Creating Intentional Spaces | A (not so) Mini Masterclass in Manifesting Greatness.

Dear Pilgrim,

I've been included this week, in a lot of conversation around intention, visualisation, manifesting, confidence, beliefs, affirmation, stress, wellness.

It's that time of year.

Some of us are full of festive spirit and others are just trying to endure it.

Whatever this time of year means or does to you, you're probably going to at some point, feel called to reflect on the year that's been, re-centre yourself and set your best intentions for new one to come.

I have been doing exactly that and have had requests to hear more about it and so I wanted to share with you, how I ring out the old and invite in, the new. How I surround myself with intention, support and vision, to inspire me to live the story I want to tell.

This video is 40 minutes in length, I wanted to give you as much inspiration as I could, to create for yourself, the spaces in which to do this important and worthwhile work.

And therein is your first challenge, to claim that space and time, to join me. I've also created a pdf handout to go with this video, claim your copy by signing up below. 

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I have created a PDF download also of the resources and journal prompts I mention throughout this video. You can sign up for that below

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Always, Amanda xoxo