Studio in a Box + Creative Space Challenge

Hello Pilgrim, 
In my last post, I addressed the issue of art supply overwhelm by sharing and demonstrating my favourite art supplies. I hope it was helpful! 

I've always been known as 'the arty one' and so birthdays and Christmas always saw me in grateful receipt of art gift sets and supplies. 

Great! Only, this meant that over time, I was accumulating a stash I had no idea what to do with.  I had yet to discover mixed media, I wasn't 'online' and and local classes were generally a one medium affair. I tried oil painting. Watercolours. Acrylic. Sketching. 

I didn't particularly enjoy any of them. I've truly never harboured the desire to paint an apple, sketch a church or paint a landscape. It's just not my thing. So, a lot of these offerings were lost on me. 

I also loved Bob Ross, but I never wanted to paint like him. 

And so, what happened is that I ended up a frustrated artist. I had everything I needed, except for the most important thing. A practice

And because of this, all the supplies I did have were kind of just, in the way. It was also very frustrating, being confronted with the tools of the trade and not knowing how to use them. So what did I do? I boxed them off and put them away out of sight.

Until every now and then, I'd take a vagary and get the urge but it was such a big production to unearth everything. Add to that, the rigmarole of packing it all away again and it was just easier to suppress the desire and not bother. 

How sad is that?

My creative practice really took off, when I discovered mixed media. I remember going into my garage and pulling out all the boxes of supplies I had abandoned over the years. I had so much stashed away, I didn't have to buy a single thing for almost a year. 

I have heard this from so many pilgrims who've taken my workshop. That they have a ton of 'stuff', tucked away in boxes 'somewhere' and it's too big a production to bother with them. 

I'm here today to challenge you to CHANGE THAT. I want to encourage you to eliminate that obstacle. Don't let something so within your power, stand between you and the many rewards of creative practice. Make it easy by gathering into one place, everything you'd need to just dive in. All you need is a plastic box and a system. 


I have an art space at home as well as a studio outside the home. I also have a studio in a box. I put it together when I first started doing markets a couple of years ago. I love to journal at the markets and so I created a 'studio' that was portable enough for me to quickly set up in small spaces, anywhere.

I wouldn't be without it! 


To give you some inspiration, here's a little show and tell video I made for you. It's a little tour of my studio in a box. I hope it inspires you but I want you to take action, Pilgrim. 

I promise it will bring you one step further to regular practice. Come along to our Facebook group where I will be encouraging Pilgrims to organise and show of their creative spaces.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will do some major myth-busting on 'all the reasons why' and ways in which, we get in the way of and frustrate, our inner artists. 

I hope to see you there! 

Amanda xoxo