Rediscovering the Magic, from a Puppet called Judge.

It's a challenge, to vlog EVERY day... but I've never been one to have little to say. Tamara Laporte, aka Willowing and Friends, is prompting another month of days to hit the record button, share and declare. And I'm in. 

This is my second year to participate... it's always a great way to share my life, creativity and reflections with you and an opportunity to deepen connections and check in, with online friends the world over.... 

I'll be posting daily to my Youtube Chanel, in February... which you can find, here 

In this video, I talk about 'My Favourite Childhood Memory' and my re-acquaintance as an adult, with magic. 

Always, Amanda xoxo

Connemara Craic... It's all gone to the dogs.

Well Pilgrim, 

I'm glad I'm sharing with you mostly now by way of blogging, because somethings just have to be seen to be believed. 

I'm with my family this weekend as my father prepares to marry a woman who is not my mother... but it's all for a good cause. This is a mock wedding in aid of 'Mutts Anonymous, Dog Rescue & Adoption' (MADRA) 

And our venue is the very one of a Kind AbbeyGlen Castle Hotel in beautiful Clifden, Connemara. 

Today, I wanted to give you a little peek, before the madness started. 

Always, Amanda xoxo

Honesty Is Not Always a Virtue.

Musing on my relationship with honesty. I believe the value of honesty, lies in the purpose to which it serves. 

The purpose of this vlog, is to encourage / stimulate reflection on the various functions of honesty and the degree to which we are aware of and/or take ownership of same. 

I use honesty in service to personal inquiry and connection. It's utility for me is life enriching, it's constructive.

'Honesty' can also be used as licence to diminish. Or a justification for shaming. Sometimes even purely for entertainment purposes. Think talent show / reality TV type judging panels. 

And then there's it's most destructive function. To control, punish, abuse and instil fear. Think Trump. 

So.. I suppose, I'm taking the time to highlight the role of discernment in honesty. 

Here's me talking about how honesty serves my higher purpose of self actualisation, connection and personal sovereignty.