My Love. Who Broke Your Crown?

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My Love. Who Broke Your Crown?


Mixed Media on 12 x 12 Inch Birch Panel. Includes shipping.
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Comes with poem:

The road back home.

Is not one of victory. Or triumph. Your return is not gallant, on horseback, with your crown and cloak intact.

By the time you turn back, you are broken.

You have been squeezed of all your will and there is nothing left, with which to adorn yourself. Or to cover. The bits you've tried so hard to exile.

You are seen.

And Sure. That 'over there', is not where true being, belongs. 'Over there' is a temporary, hostile place. Full of merciless fashion and band wagoneer's.

And it is where you broke your crown.

Come back my love, from that desperate place. That ground on which you showed fierce courage.

They do not deserve you. You, deserve you. 
Come back my love.

Be free.

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