Monthly seeds of Inspiration to your Real World Letterbox


Seed 1. November '16

I had an idea and it wouldn’t go away.

So I’m going with my gut. Deep breath.

I want to cultivate a connection with you.
I want to reach out.

From the here of my now, to you... for REAL.

I have an email subscribers list.  Do I use it? Not much. 

Why? Because, well… email. 

We get them every day! One click and it's over. 

What about something MORE? 

When was the last time something came through your letterbox that inspired you?

Something filled with life, heart, soul, creativity, art… 

Something you didn’t have to file away; or that wasn't another bill to pay?

Something that excited you. Invited you to put the kettle on. To settle in and savour it’s opening.

When was the last time you unwrapped, unfolded, paper with care? 

It doesn’t happen much anymore, does it?

It can. 

I want to inspire and invite you into creative practice as a way of life. 

Seed 2. December '16

Seed 3. January 17 

Seed 3. January 17 

I’ve created a monthly letter series.

This series takes the form of my creative expression. My heart and soul, in thoughts and words. In found things, discoveries... documented in paint and pencil. Photos. Paper and Ink. 

It is a letter - in a POD. A seed of connection. From me to you. Because we are CONNECTED. Everything is.

This is a call out, an invitation, a recruitment of Pilgrim Souls like mine. To notice. To reflect. To see the world through eyes that appreciate beauty in the ordinary and a heart that believes in the extraordinary. 

This is my invite to you. To become part of something rich, something REAL. 


These letter POD”s will be delivered, my hand to yours, my heart to yours, offline. Through your real-world letterbox.

There will be Words. There will be Art. There will be Soul. There will be Heart. 

This is how it works... 

Each month I issue one SEED from the letter POD series:

Cost per SEED: €15 + postage =  €17.50 Ireland // €19.50 International

First letterPOD will be released into the world on 11.11  (November 11th 2016) 

You can pay as you go, or dive into an up front SUBSCRIPTION:

Subscribe for 6 issues and cost per issue is €13 + postage: Ireland = €93// International = €105

Orders placed by midnight (gmt) last day of each month  = letterPOD posted to you: on the 11th of the following month

You can also gift a letterPOD or subscription to a friend, just add to cart and go through the same process and you will have the option to ship directly to the receiver. 

Each POD will contain a handwritten letter of reflection... a here and now report from this Pilgrim Soul's life & experience. It will contain my art and some prompting to consider and make your own. Each POD is packaged in everyday materials, no envelopes. My intention evoke and inspire in you, the practice of noticing, reflection, appreciation and transformation; a creative practice, a way of life. 

I invite you also to join our Pilgrims On Deck Community. A closed Facebook group, in which we gather around creative practice and expression.   


Last, but by no means LEAST. There is one question I must answer... 


Why am I doing this?

And while we're asking questions, what is a Pilgrim on Deck?

Sit down for a minute, watch this video and let me tell you… 


To purchase... make your selection below. That will add offering to your cart, which pops up on top right of page. Click on Cart to proceed to checkout. If you chose the subscription, a quantity of ONE = 6 months subscription. 

By signing up for letterPOD's, you are supporting and helping me sustain my work. That work is in service of self recovery. I share the process of my own so that I may shine the light for others.  I'm always grateful for your support, thank you. 

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